People are awful

This is why we created an addon which prevents you from reading the garbage that they write on the internet.

They write ignorant, racist and even trolling comments on the very websites you want to enjoy. Take control today by simply removing them from your screen! It's really easy - just install our addon with a few clicks. Since we released it as open source software, it doesn't cost you a dime!

Case #1

Modern communication

The idea for the addon may have risen to block a few specific websites from showing comments, but the addon was never built that way. It would require tremendous efforts to create website specific rules for the addon, so it was written with the whole internet in mind instead.

Comments aren't blocked on a few websites, they're blocked wherever the addon identifies them on the internet!

Case #2

But...'s still possible to show comments with the addon installed! Simply click the addon's icon and voila, every blocked comment now appears as it normally would. You mustn't miss information you are searching for, even if it's in a comment section.

We do realize not all comments are evil!

Case #3

Install today

Improve your quality of life by installing the addon now! Simply go to our addon page over at Mozilla to install it for your Firefox browser. It's one click away - takes just a second of your time.

If you don't use Firefox as your browser, someone else were nice enough to write an addon to the Chrome browser. It's based on this addon, but a separate project. Check it out if you use Chrome.


If you found a bug, thought of improvements or know how to write code - head over to our project page at GitHub and get involved!